Greetings from the best honeymoon resorts in Wayanad , Edakkal Hermitage Resort. where adventure, wildlife, lakes, waterfalls, historical mountains, caves, and backwater lakes converge to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The hospitality is discreet, and the dining has a home-stay feel.

Our resort in Wayanad provides the ideal atmosphere for you to forget about the worries of everyday life and fully enjoy the wonders of nature, whether you’re traveling alone or with family which makes it as best resort in Wayanad. Wayanad, a hill district in Kerala’s North Western Ghats, is renowned for its stunning natural splendor as well as its astounding assortment of wildlife and adventure pursuits. This incredible backdrop, encompassing tropical forests, magnificent waterfalls, snow-capped peaks, and calming lakes, encircles our resort and is sure to enchant every visitor. We provide plenty of residential alternatives, among which are house stays and hotel rooms, every single one of which is designed to make your stay with us memorable and comfortable

 What makes the cottages unique is that their size is dictated by the size of the rock and terrain they are constructed on. Additionally, sizes differ based on the nearby plantations that are visible, such as those with pepper plants, trees, etc. The cottages have an extremely distinctive and charming appearance solely due to this aspect. The interior can at times be constructed from the rocks, which have been maintained as a template for the expansive balconies and enable the establishment of a bizarre and naturalistic ambience. In light of all of these, they truly constitute Wayanad’s outstanding honeymoon resorts.

Witness the hidden waterfalls, verdant valleys, and rugged beauty of the Western Ghats by embarking on guided treks around the surrounding area. Explore the Edakkal Caves to delve profoundly into history. Their archaeological engravings and petroglyphs reflect ancient civilizations. Among the best resorts in Wayanad is Edakkal Hermitage.This resort promises something special for everyone, that they are history buffs, ardent nature lovers,or just seeking a peaceful retreat. Trust Edakkal Hermitage Resort to be your entryway to this paradise as you lose yourself in the enchantment of Wayanad. Thus, using Edakkal Hermitage Resort as the ideal basecamp, pack your bags and head to Wayanad for an incredible adventure into the heart of Kerala’s mystical wilderness.The combination of elegance and the natural world coexist harmoniously, creating memories for a lifetime.