What is your expectation about the heritage resort near Edakkal cave? Undoubtedly, it is one of the best luxury resorts in Wayanad

In addition to that, it provides you with a wholesome experience that is thrilling and full of surprises.

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 let’s wander around Edakkal hermitage, one of the best resorts in Wayanad.

Experiencing the serenity and tranquility of nature is what awaits you at Edakkal Hermitage. Located in a jungle setting along the trail that leads to the Historical Site–Edakkal Caves. Edakkal Hermitage is part of a unique local effort to conserve and promote the heritage and biodiversity of its precincts. The resort aims to call attention to the well-known Edakkal Caves and the beauties of eastern Wayanad.

 Escape from busy city life and reconnect with nature only at Edakkal Hermitage!

 Edakkal Hermitage Resort in a lush green setting with a small plot of land yet has the charms and beauty of an old-world hermitage. One can stay at the resort and enjoy the peace and seclusion of nature while enjoying the many activities on offer there.

There is hotel is a where the atmosphere of nature, comfort, and intimacy is set in stone. The property continues to create unique experiences each time you visit.

Why are people boasting about their stay at Edakkal hermitage?

Edakkal Hermitage Resort is nestled amidst the pristine beauty of the Wayanad hills and surrounded by lush greenery, extreme luxuries, and old-world charm.

Dotted around the forested property are exotic flora and fauna, and serene waterways for swimming and boating. A crescendo of local life amid a mystical atmosphere that is the perfect place to unwind under a starry sky or enjoy the serenity of blissful silence.

Set in a refreshingly cool climate, Edakkal Hermitage is the best luxury resorts in Wayanad which provides sublime hospitality, blending tradition and modernity in a natural form.

Experience the magic of Edakkal Hermitage Resort with its stunning cave art, peaceful locations, and unique wildlife. Every room boasts a unique experience, from some with spectacular views to others offering a personal touch in the form of supportive staff and luxurious amenities.

Experience the enchantment of Edakkal in this quiet and serene environment. With its enchanting caves, spring water, and lush greenery, Edakkal offers a unique setting for a perfect getaway.

Enchanting Edakkal Hermitage Resort is an oasis of tranquility and absolute serenity in the heart of Wayanad.

If you want to immerse in the natural beauty, we welcome you

Welcome to the Edakkal hermitage, a surprising resort in Wayanad.