Is experiencing an authentic Onam in Kerala on top of your bucket list? This is the right time, the opportune moment to be a part of Onam celebrations, as the state is going big this time to make up for the mar due to the global pandemic and associated economic crises. 

Wayanad has already started the Onam celebrations that reach the pinnacle on Thiruvonam day, the eighth of September 2022. The scenic beauty of Wayanad is much more colorful with Onappokkalams all over the village. Kerala tourism is all equipped, reintroducing celebrations on a large scale with carnivals and art forms in every street and village. Get hold of the opportunity with budget resorts in Wayanad to have a close view of the demonstrations of the culture-rich, old customs bonded with the harvest festival of Kerala, Onam.  

Food and celebrations share a space inseparable all over the world. The traditional vegetarian feast of Kerala, the Sadya, is spread out on a plantain leaf with side dishes, pickles, savories, and desserts. Some irresistible traditional delicacies include sambar, Kalan, Thoran, Olan, Erissery, and Avial. Palada payasam and Parippu pradhaman are the inevitable desserts for Onasadhya. Every restaurant and home chef in Kerala is getting to spread out the vegetarian feast with over 25 dishes for Onam delight!

Spend quality time with your newlywed partner in one of the best honeymoon cottages in Wayanad to share the joy of Onam and embark on a meaningful journey of life. Onam spots the yearly home visit of the legendary demon king, Mahabali. Children wear traditional attire and are busy collecting fresh flowers for Onappookalams and playing on swings. A village like Wayanad still holds Onam closer with heart and soul, much more than as a brand and business carnival. Social gatherings, vallam kali (boat race), Vadam vali, Puli kali (tiger dance), temple visits, Kummati ( mask dance, vanishing from cities these days), and family visits add colors to the festivity all over the state. 

All the honeymoon resorts in Wayanad welcomes couples to celebrate this Onam, the most revered ten-day festival in Kerala. Malayalis all over the world celebrate Onam with much fanfare. Celebrate this Onam holiday with Herbal Hermitage, a family resort in Wayanad, and explore the historic Edakkal caves to make it a memorable vacation. 

We wish you a very happy Onam