Wayanad finds itself strategically placed among the Western Ghats. The area is known for its lush greens, terrains and tall hilltops, near other tourist spots such as Ooty and Coorg. Though it receives a considerable amount of rainfall, the area’s general climate can be described as misty. Thanks to the relaxed environment, Wayanad opens itself to a number of possibilities when it comes to tourism. If you are planning a quick getaway from the monotonous work life, this could just be the place you want to unwind at. What goes without saying is the fact that there are many budget-friendly resorts in Wayanad. Planning a trip to the hills can be quite overwhelming and we at Edakkal Hermitage would be your best option.

Unlike other rugged areas, Wayanad is accessible via flight, trains or even roads. A road trip along a trail like that in private buses or vehicles could be infact quite rewarding in its own sense. For those who love travelling by train major stations like Kozhikode and Mysore are just a cab ride away. Air travellers can make an arrival at the Kannur, Kozhikode or Mysuru airports which are flocked with transits for easy travel. The resorts in Wayanad can also arrange a pick-up for you should you let them know your itinerary.

While the locality is filled with multiple vacation spots, Edakkal cave is the one that demands historical and cultural importance. Exploring the mighty caves would just be the kind of fun you are looking for. Located at the Ambukuthimala hill at an elevation of over 1200 metres above sea level, the hermitage spreads over 500 metres on the ground leaving a trail to Mysuru.

There are a number of activities one can indulge in some of the best luxury resorts in Wayanad. Edakkal hermitage in particular has over 7 cottages carved from real boulders. These not only give a first-hand cave experience but also a sneak peek into the past. Le Marche, Chauvet, Lascaux and Kapova are the ones you can choose from that was also fully furnished. 

It also has a restaurant so rich that it almost camouflages into the artsy environment around it. It has a seating set up inside the cave and one can also taste the lip-smacking dishes in the comforts of their rooms.

Many travellers are on the lookout for camps that are based among the age-old rock shelter. Dating back to 1000 BC, most of these are filled with human figurines and carvings that depicted the life of the people. One can even spot crosses, triangles and tridents; squares, some with inner crosses, and a rectangle divided into nine square-shaped chambers; stars, wheels and quatrefoils; spirals, whorls and volutes; plant motifs, pot-shaped items; various animals including ones resembling foxes, dogs and deer.

The amphitheater nearby organizes cultural programs every evening giving a better insight into the art and culture of the state. Traditional art forms are also honored in the theatres with some imminent names associating themselves with us.

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