Best Honeymoon resorts in Wayanad

Wayanad – heralded as the “land of paddy fields” never ceases to dazzle us with its Idyllic view and wildlife reserves. It is one of the calming honeymoon destinations for lovie-dovies to have some romantic escape. If you’re planning to have a nice vacation for your honeymoon and are searching for the best honeymoon resorts in Wayanad, then you’re where you need to be. Undoubtedly Edakkal hermitage is at the top of the list. Famous for extreme luxury and calming rejuvenation, Edakkal hermitage is a popular choice for couples for a mix of relaxation and excitement.

The scenic beauty of nature

Taking time to enjoy nature can be a great way to reduce stress and refocus your energy. Whenever you and your sweetheart are with us, you experience moments that seem unreal, yet are realistic. If you and your partner are nature lovers, then this is the best honeymoon cottage in Wayanad for couples because you can indulge in the tranquil beauty of nature. Nature lovers can stroll through the spot and enjoy bird-watching activities, refreshing mountain air, and the perfect ‘gateway’ to your sunshine time.

The beauty of Edakkal Caves

When at Edakkal Hermitage Resort, be sure to make your way over to the prehistoric Edakkal caves- it provide the perfect space for relaxation. What can be more romantic than spending time with your loved one at a historic soothing spot? As one of the best resorts in Wayanad for couples, Edakkal Hermitage can offer you a dining experience with the surroundings of caves, warmth and laughter, and the promise of a night to remember.

Cozy and soothing hideaway

The spacious space at Edakkal Hermitage Resort offers a cozy hideaway, complete with beautiful views of nature. Along with wonderfully green spaces, it offers the utmost privacy, comfort, and beautiful views. Step into your cottage to find unique comfiness, arranged by imaginative housekeeping staff – hard work to give you a truly warm welcome. As one of the best honeymoon cottages in Wayanad, your stay is characterized by thoughtful touches and intuitive service.savour the ambiance at Edakkal hermitage.

Lip-smacking culinary flavors

Tasty and special culinary flavors at Edakkal Hermitage Resort tempt you with the finest taste of the region. What’s on the menu? The pure taste of Naadan food transports you and your better half to heaven! As the best resort in Wayanad for Couples, Edakkal Hermitage can treat your tastebuds to a bountiful natural flavor platter served during lunch, bursting with freshness. Get ready to feast your eyes and satisfy your cravings with the real essence of natural spices. Reserve your table with your valentine and embark on a culinary journey like no other.


Time travel your love story in Waynad’s ancient charm! Step back in time and let Edakkal hermitage’s ancient magic whisper the sweetest love notes to your souls. Imagine exchanging secrets amidst the Edakkal caves as the background or capturing timeless moments in our traditional courtyard bathed in golden sunlight. Each corner tells a story, waiting to be woven into the tapestry of your love. As the best Honeymoon Cottages in Wayanad, the resort retreat is a haven of serenity, the perfect canvas for your love story.