Edakkal Hermitage is the  Budget friendly resorts in Wayanad it is a great place to stay while on vacation because it offers quick access to places like the Muthanga wildlife sanctuary, Soochipara Waterfalls, Pookote Lake, Kuruva Island, the ghat section viewpoint, Karapuzha Dam, Chempra Peak, Tirunelveli Temple, and Jain Temple, all of which will make your trip memorable. Hotel Services The Edakkal Hermitage is a distinctive building in a remote area that offers amenities such as a visitor center, camping areas, and cottage lodging. The hotel also has a store and an outdoor theatre for performing arts

Budget friendly resorts in Wayanad

The renowned Edakkal Caves are among Wayanad’s top tourist attractions. These caverns, which are close to Sultan Bathery and on the top of Ambukuthi Hill, are the location of some amazing ancient rock carvings. The significance of Edakkal has expanded as a result of the recent finding of potential connections to the Indus Valley civilization. Despite all the research about Edakkal, many things remain a mystery. There are several ways to interpret cave drawings. The landscape appears to have its own tales to tell at every turn. Thus, Edakkal is a travel destination unlike any other. It is an adventurous nation in every sense so the Edakkal hermitage is the Top resort in Wayanad

This resort is situated on a hillside, and the rooms are made out of caverns and rocks, creating an echoing effect. The Edakkal hermitage is the best resort for couples in Wayanad where you may have supper in a cave lit exclusively by candles. The accommodations at Edakkal Hermitage are spotless and well-maintained. The staff at this hotel is made up of well-trained, seasoned, and committed individuals that can meet all of your needs.

Best resorts in Wayanad for CouplesThe visitors at the Edakkal Hermitage, a budget-friendly resort in Wayanad, Kerala, have access to first-rate amenities. The breathtaking valley views from the Edakkal Hermitage are a major draw. The resort’s rooms are beautiful, clean, and organized. The accommodations at the Edakkal Hermitage are of the highest caliber and enhance your trip. The views from the apartments are beautiful and picturesque. By utilizing spring water, this resort reduces its reliance on artificial energy sources. The houses at Edakkal Hermitage are encircled by and located on top of cliffs.