Edakkal Hermitage is one of the best budget resorts in Wayanad. Kerala is an excellent destination for a summer vacation, and Wayanad is a popular district in the northern part of the state that offers a range of attractions for visitors. Among these, the Edakkal Caves are a must-visit site, with their prehistoric rock art and natural beauty. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, you can also trek through the dense forests to reach the caves. In addition to the caves, Wayanad is home to several wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful waterfalls, and cultural attractions, making it an ideal destination for families and travellers seeking to experience Kerala’s rich culture and natural beauty. Amid all this, you can arrange a stay at one of the resorts in Wayanad, Edakkal Hermitage.

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Edakkal Hermitage is a budget resort in Wayanad that offers comfortable stays in cottages and camping facilities close to the Edakkal caves. The resort provides various visitor services and has an information centre on site and offers Forest stay in Wayanad. The cave restaurant at the resort serves traditional Malayali cuisine, and there is also a souvenir shop and an open-air theatre for cultural and heritage events. Staying at the resorts in Edakkal offers a pleasant ambience that rejuvenates guests and makes them feel at home. Being one of the budget-friendly resorts in Wayanad, it provides excellent facilities and recreational activities for guests. The visitor services are much appreciated by tourists, and safety and quality are not compromised. The resorts also organize interesting trips to places near Wayanad, such as nature reserves, waterfalls, and ancient temples. The resorts are very popular in the area, and guests can be assured of the best facilities and service.

Honeymoon Cottages in Wayanad

Cottages are an essential part of any tour, especially for those seeking a charming private space that emits a homely ambience. In Wayanad, residential accommodations are available in the form of cottages, which are arranged for couples, families, and honeymooners. These cottages offer a delightful stay with excellent facilities and are unique in their arrangement, catering differently to the needs of couples and families. The size of the cottages is determined by the terrain and rocks on which they are built, as well as the nearby plantations such as trees and pepper plants. This feature makes the cottages distinctive and charming, with some even incorporating the existing rocks into their foundations, balconies, or interiors. All the cottages provide breathtaking views of the valleys and the Western Ghats, creating a serene and content atmosphere. Edakkal offers 7 such cottages, each designed organically and completely different from one another. These cottages capture spectacular views of the valley below and the majestic Western Ghats, providing an opportunity to experience the grandeur of nature at the budget resort in Wayanad

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The Edakkal caves in Wayanad are a significant historical site where stone age people recorded their concerns about the social changes brought about by Iron Age technology. Amateur archaeologists rediscovered the carvings in 1910 and brought them to the attention of the public and professionals. The rarity, quality, and quantity of the carvings make them noteworthy. The figures are shown in various poses, including a life-size male standing in a frontal pose with raised arms and hair. The figures were likely created during the Neolithic period of the Late Stone Age, dating back to about 1000 BC.

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