“Discover ultimate relaxation at the Best resorts in Wayanad . Immerse in nature’s beauty and luxury. Book your stay now!” Onam, the annual harvest festival of Kerala, radiates an ethereal charm, which is significantly enhanced when celebrated in the captivating landscapes of Wayanad. Tucked amidst nature’s lap, the Edakkal Hermitage Resort provides the perfect backdrop for this vibrant celebration.

From the moment you step into our resort, you are transported into a world where traditional grandeur and rustic elegance blend seamlessly with the verdant landscapes of Wayanad. With the backdrop of the Edakkal Caves and panoramic views that stretch beyond the horizon, the setting is just perfect for welcoming King Mahabali.

Onam: A Celebration of Harvest and Homecoming

Onam is more than just a festival; it is a tribute to the spirit of unity, prosperity, and the shared sense of nostalgia that transcends religious boundaries. Celebrated with zest and vigor, the ten-day festival symbolizes the annual homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali, revered for his ideal kingdom where prosperity and happiness reigned.

Experience the Spirit of Onam at Edakkal Hermitage Resort

As we prepare to welcome the harvest season, Edakkal Hermitage Resort decks itself in the vibrant hues of Onam. From elaborate floral decorations (Pookalams) to the grand Onasadya (feast), each ritual and tradition associated with Onam is observed with utmost reverence and joy.

Elaborate Pookalams: A unique part of Onam, Pookalam is a colourful arrangement of flowers laid on the floor. At Edakkal, we arrange daily Pookalam making competitions, where our guests can participate and soak in the festive spirit.

Onasadya: This grand feast is the highlight of Onam. Served on banana leaves, the Onasadya comprises of over 26 dishes, including pickles, chips, payasams, and an array of mouth-watering delicacies. Here at Edakkal, we source fresh, local ingredients to prepare the most authentic Onasadya feast that can be savoured amidst the picturesque surroundings.

Cultural Performances: Onam celebrations at Edakkal are incomplete without traditional performances like Thiruvathirakali, Pulikali, Kathakali and more. Our resort hosts a variety of such cultural events, adding to the joyous mood of the festival.

Onam Games: Known as Onakalikal, traditional games are a big part of the Onam festivities. Participate in fun-filled activities such as Uriyadi (pot-breaking), Vadamvali (tug of war), and many more, which are organized by the resort.

Onam: An Embrace of the Essence of Kerala

Experience a cultural odyssey like no other, where the true essence of Kerala comes alive in its grandeur. From the quaint tranquility of the Edakkal Caves to the resplendent beauty of the Wayanad landscapes, the ambiance complements the festive atmosphere perfectly.

As the spirit of Onam fills the air, we, at Edakkal Hermitage Resort, invite you to be a part of this beautiful celebration of life, culture, and a glorious past. Come, make your Onam special with us, amidst the magnificent ambiance of Wayanad.

Book your stay now and immerse yourself in the colours, tastes, and sounds of Onam in the serene embrace of Edakkal Hermitage Best resorts in Wayanad. Celebrate Onam, celebrate life!