Are you searching for budget-friendly resorts in Wayanad? The stylish choice is Edakkal Caves. Are you curious to peep into the Neolithic age in Kerala? Edakkal grottoes in Kalpetta, Wayanad, Kerala, are a must-visit sightseer destination. A trip to Edakkal Caves is a perfect mix of adventure, enthusiasm, stirring nature views, and a ringside view of the delve busts.

budget-friendly resorts in Wayanad

Exploring Edakkal grottoes demands a laborious rise, 4000 bases above the ocean position. Choosing one of the budget-friendly resorts in Wayanad for accommodation can help you get well-prepared for the journey, after a sound sleep. The first delve can mesmerize you, whereas the alternate unveils a lot of art gemstone busts from the prehistoric age. The mortal numbers, creatures, and munitions sculpted on the monuments enthrall you as Norway ahead. Stone busts by Neolithic man are estimated to be about 8000 times old! 

Immerse your mind and soul in the rustic beauty of nature when you appreciate the hills and timbers through a narrow gap between the two grottoes! suppose a moment when you respect the beauty of Edakkal grottoes with your newlywed life mate! Edakkal Hermitage is one of the stylish best resorts in Wayanad for couples to elope into a mist-screened vale. Be ready to track a fairly steep pitch with an accessible walkway path and proper way. Enjoy road shopping on the way over, from manual chocolates to piping hot omelets. Climb 1.5 km to reach the first delve and climb sword graduation( 350 plus way) to reach the alternate delve.

Be ready to track a fairly steep slope with a convenient walkway path and proper steps.honeymoon resorts in Wayanad

Enjoy street shopping on the way up from homemade chocolates to piping hot omelets. Climb 1.5 km to reach the first cave and climb a steel ladder (350 plus steps) to reach the second cave. The view from the top is really breathtaking

The view from the top is stirring. The visit is well organized, with professional staff and ample parking installations at the base. The entrance to the grottoes closes at 4 p.m., and the entrance figure is INR 50 per head. You’ll be breaking a sweat while climbing down! Depression on a cozy bed in a resort in Wayanad once you return!

Have a great time!