Spend some time in the enchanted realm of Edakkal Hermitage Resorts in Wayanad to escape the bustle of cities, where every moment is the perfect chance to rekindle one’s connection to nature and spirit. Enclosed by the Western Ghats mountain range, our elegantly maintained resort skillfully combines classic architecture with contemporary amenities. Experience Wayanad’s rich cultural tapestry firsthand with carefully crafted experiences and beautifully furnished interiors. Every chamber tells a tale and provides an insight into the history of the area. Savor regional specialties and attend live cultural events. Our Heritage Resort, with its lush surroundings and dedication to conservation, offers more than just housing; it’s a doorway to Wayanad’s heart, where the past and present come together to create an unforgettable moment.

The first months of the year are a great time to visit Wayanad’s varied landscapes at the best resorts in Wayanad because the weather is expected to be moderate. Take a guided tour of the centuries-old Edakkal Cave at the start of your exciting activities, where rock inscriptions from long ago recount stories of former civilizations. Once you’ve finished your exploration, retire to the resort for comfortable lodging. Every area, whether you select a cozy cottage or a suite with a view, is made for your comfort and provides a peaceful haven from the day’s activities.

We have arranged for our resort to easily host events and functions. Our innovative facilities and enthusiastic event crew make sure that each occasion is done flawlessly. A special welcome is given to families, and their children are given engaging activities.  We are unique in that we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Over the duration of your stay, every member of our staff has been taught to anticipate your requirements and provide warm, responsive care. Rather than merely offering services, our top resorts in Wayanad deliver a comprehensive and distinctive experience that exemplifies the true essence of hospitality. Enjoy the utmost in warmth and opulence during your stay by coming to indulge yourself.

With a connection to the environment and location amidst the towering trees of the Western Ghats, our treehouses redefine luxury. More than just a unique spot, our treehouses are a gateway to experiences that will change your life. Savor the tranquil ambiance of the forest, embark on guided nature excursions, or simply spend some alone time taking in the sounds of nature at the best nature resorts in Wayanad. In the evenings, you may devour dinner on your treetop terrace while collecting memories beneath the starry canopy.

We heartily extend an invitation to you to travel on an experience designed to create lifelong memories as you relish the peace, adventure, and elegance woven throughout our resort. You are welcome in a world of limitless comfort, where you can relish every moment of leisure and exploration.